Natt McFee

Cinematographer  |  Photographer  |  Post Production

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Recent Work

JETSETTER - Tales From the Road

A studio shoot in NYC for a travel company. Shot by me. Edited by someone else. 

What We Do [Series]

The first episode of the "What We Do" Series. This follows my mother on a short, yet deep look at why she loves cooking so much.

This series is meant to shed just a sliver of light on what makes people tick. Maybe it's their job, hobby, or just a passion they have. It's the thing that makes them excited. Stay tuned for more.

Directed, shot, and edited by me

Hacking Reality

Ever wonder what's up with the 8th dimension? Well you can rest easy after watching this video. 

Directed and edited by David Jakubovic. Shot by me. 


A short visual exploration of America from the sky. Shot over 5 days as I drove across the country. For those wondering, I took I-15 to I-70 to I-80.

Directed, shot, and edited by me

San Andreas Fault

A quick look at the San Andreas fault with the DJI Mavic Air.



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