About Natt

Born and raised on an island in the pacific northwest, Natt began taking photos and making movies at an early age. After moving to New York and finishing school, he stepped into the freelance world and never looked back. He currently runs his own company, Dabob Media, and while the majority of his work is either shooting or editing, he's dabbled recently in directing and producing. Natt's commercial clients include behemoths such as Wal-Mart, IBM, Mars, and Nespresso. He shot a feature documentary on CBD medicine that is currently available on iTunes and Amazon Prime, and has completed a bevy of compelling promos, social media tidbits, and corporate profiles. Natt currently resides just outside NYC with his girlfriend and 1,987 cameras. 

Natt specializes in compelling, beautifully crafted video and photography. He is available to shoot and edit a wide range of projects and his style is adaptable to a multitude of needs. Most recently he has focused his efforts on short form brand stories and imagery, utilizing the most recent and powerful capture, edit, and delivery systems available. 

Natt shoots with 4K capable Canon and DJI gear, edits with the Adobe Suite, and uses Dropbox and Frame.IO for file exchange and delivery.

Natt is also available for equipment and training consultations. 

For more information about his process, prices, or service offerings, drop him a line, a text, or an email. 



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